Using an Electronic Cigarette for Smoking Cessation

vape-storeWhen quitting smoking, two of the biggest challenges you will face will be obtaining a nicotine fix for your cravings, and finding something to do with your hands when you are bored. Rather than using traditional methods of smoking cessation, opting for an electronic cigarette will help you address both problems. As well as providing varying levels of nicotine, a typical e cigarette will also allow you to mimic the actions associated with smoking. As far as quitting is concerned, this will make the process easier. As a trusted electronic cigarette provider, we have a range of products that can meet your needs in terms of nicotine requirements. As a result, you will find that the process of stopping smoking becomes more enjoyable.

Although an e cigarette will come with the nicotine content associated with normal ones, it does not come with the same cancer risks. Standard smoking involves taking in thousands of carcinogenic substances each time you take a drag; this substantially increases your risk of developing lung cancer, as well as cardiovascular conditions like heart disease. In contrast, e-cigs make use of an odorless vapor that will pose no harm to yourself or the people around you. This means you can enjoy the sensations that come with physically taking in nicotine, without having to worry about the associated risks.

In terms of convenience, e cigs make less mess. You will not have to worry about discarding of your cigarette in a way that does not cause offense to others, and each filter equates to multiple smokes. Your electronic cig will look stylish, and will not break easily like a normal one would. The lack of burning paper products means you do not have to worry about burning yourself or anybody else. With all of these factors combined, it is clear to see why this has become a more sociable option for those who are looking to make the process of quitting smoking easier.

As electronic cigarettes do not pose a risk to others in terms of secondary smoke, they are safer to enjoy indoors. This is particularly beneficial for those who like to smoke during the working day, as well as those who typically crave nicotine when in a bar or at a social occasion that requires being indoors. As the odor from your e cig will be non-existent, you will no longer have to excuse yourself in order to get your fix of nicotine.

When it comes to charging and carrying your e cigarettes, there are multiple options available to you. The majority can be charged through the use of a USB port, which is ideal for those who work in an office, as well as those who smoke at college. Alternatively, it is also possible to use an in-car charger; this is perfect for those who like to smoke on the go, as well as parents who do not want to expose their children to smoke when they are traveling with them. They can be carried in packets that look the same as a standard cigarette box; many of these are stylish and vary in terms of style and color, so you can choose one that meets your personal needs. Your electronic cigarette should remain charged for a few uses, which removes the need for carrying a lighter, as well as the irritation that comes with a cigarette expiring.

If you are serious about smoking cessation, but you do not feel that the traditional methods associated with quitting will work for you, using an e cigarette can make the process easier. Find an online vape shop, that produce a range that can cater to your needs. Not only will you remove the negative effects that come with going cold turkey, you will be doing your health a favor.

Quitting Smoking With The E Cig

switch-to-e-cigI can’t remember when I started smoking. I think it was in high school, it must have been sometime in high school. I knew I began smoking with my friends, sneaking a cigarette here and there because my mother hated the habit; but I don’t remember exactly when I started smoking. Fact is, as an adult I am a chronic smoker and use cigarettes to deal with most emotions and situations.

When I turned 30 years old I decided that it was time to try and quit smoking. My best friend, a smoker herself, was rather shocked at my sudden decision to cease this habit. She couldn’t understand why I wanted to suddenly eliminate a behavior that was such a large part of my life; so I told her that my concerns about the health risks of smoking and how I didn’t want to take the risk of having a stroke or heart attack because of puffing on cigarettes.

Anyway, I tried a patch and going to support groups. The nicotine spray and chewing gum was no help either. I constantly relapsed and felt terribly guilty, which only led to more smoking as a means of dealing with guilt. Then I discovered electronic cigarettes or e cigs. This little device has not only saved my sanity, but it’s helped me move away from harmful regular cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette from CloudCig UK is a battery operated device that acts as a substitute for cigarettes. Instead of having me inhale tobacco and other chemicals, I am now puffing a vapor of liquid nicotine (a very small amount of liquid nicotine). Furthermore, the shape and feel of the e cig is almost exactly like a real cigarette so the craving for the real thing is pretty much eliminated.

Alright, so I don’t think this is going to help me quit completely; but it is a much healthier option.